Creativity ‘special issue’ – call for participation!

Novel Approaches for Studying Creativity in Problem-Solving and Artistic Performance – a Frontiers in Psychology Research Topic, coming out in March 2018

Kathryn Friedlander invites creativity researchers world-wide to contribute to an exciting Frontiers in Psychology Research Topic, which went live last week.

Shouldn’t research into ‘creativity’ be pretty creative itself?

Philip Fine and I certainly think so, which is why we’ve been working with Frontiers in Psychology over the past few months to launch a new Research Topic looking at Novel Approaches for Studying Creativity in Problem-Solving and Artistic Performance. The topic went live last week, and together with our other co-editors Roger Kneebone, Ian Hocking, Amory Danek and Bill Thompson we are busy advertising this opportunity as widely as possible, to connect with potential contributors. Do you fit the bill?

Frontiers Flyer 1

We’re really excited about the challenge set by this topic – that of coming up with new ways of exploring this fascinating field.

Although we have learned so much over the years through existing, top quality research, we felt that there was a danger for creativity research to gravitate towards separate pockets of activity, leading to a possible lack of cross-fertilization across the domains. Studies have also tended to use a relatively small number of tried and tested research methods, and we wanted to break away from this pattern.

We hope our contributors will rise to the task by:Frontiers Flyer 2

  • coming up with new methodological approaches to explore the creative process;
  • exploring previously unresearched domains of creativity;
  • or by using perspectives on creativity from one research domain (e.g. music) to explore another (e.g. medicine).

We have kept the topic bounds deliberately wide, and would welcome articles from both inside and outside psychology – for example, neuroscience, philosophy, linguistics, medicine, education and performance science, to name but a few!

We are also flexible about the type of papers submitted: original research, for sure; but also hypothesis & theory, opinion, review, and perspective articles.

Feel you have something to contribute? Please take a look at the Frontiers in Psychology webpage and get in touch with any of the co-editors to find out more, using the email link displayed by each name. You’ll need to supply an abstract by 27 October 2017, and the final paper by 30 March 2018.

The Frontiers in Psychology Research Topic Novel Approaches for Studying Creativity in Problem-Solving and Artistic Performance went live on 23 May 2017. 

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