Calling all keen quizzers!

Are you a keen quizzer? We’re looking for participants in a survey exploring the motivations and expertise development of those who take part in quizzing at any level. Could you help? Link is here: Quiz survey

Quiz NightThe survey is being run by our fabulous MSc student Emma, here at the University of Buckingham’s CREATE hub. We’re following the Grounded Expertise Components Approach in this study, which enables us to get to know our population really well before we try to study them in more detail.

It’s tempting to bring players straight into the lab to test them out on a variety of cognitive skills, using a battery of psychometric instruments – but how do we know which skills are most relevant? This has been a recurrent problem in expertise research.

If you’ve taken part in quizzing for longer than 2 years, and are more than a “once-a-year-at-Christmas” player, we’d love to hear from you. Just click on the link to take part – it will take about 20-25mins.

Credits: Quiz Night – Image by G Lopez from Pixabay

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