Medical Student or Qualified Doctor? We need your help!

Want to help improve medical education? Fancy the opportunity to win a £40 Amazon voucher? Want to boost our donation to Médecins Sans Frontières /Doctors Without Borders (MSF)? Know any doctors who could help? Paige Vanleer explains what to do …

Medical Survey QR CodeI’m Paige Vanleer, and I’m currently engaged in an MSc project at the University of Buckingham which aims to help us ensure that the process of medical education is as effective as possible. As part of my research, I’ve launched a survey comprising a series of questions about the professional status, medical training and thinking styles of trainee and qualified doctors, and I’m still looking for more participants before it closes. Do you, or anyone you know, qualify for the survey?

If you are over 18, fluent in English, and either a medical student or a qualified doctor, I’d be really grateful if you could take part. It will take about 20 minutes, and your data will be anonymised and stored securely. Stethoscope

Every completed survey will be entered in a competition to win a £40 Amazon voucher, and we will also donate 25p (£0.25) to the charity Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

Interested in taking part? To find out more, please follow the link or scan the QR code above. Many thanks for your help!

Paige Vanleer is one of the psychology research students working in the CREATE Research hub at the University of Buckingham. Her supervisors are Kathryn Friedlander and Philip Fine and we are working closely with the University of Buckingham Medical School for technical advice. Paige’s research has ethical approval from the University of Buckingham’s School of Science and Medicine Ethics Committee .

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